By Lina Stein Millinery


Advance your millinery skills to a higher level and discover the joys of bridal head-wear. In 3 days you shall complete  3 different styles of bridal millinery - from advanced silk covered head dresses, to feathered/flowered and lace wired crowns, to veiling and crinoline. French silk flower making is featured. Lina Stein will share her wealth of traditional millinery knowledge with you.

Topics Covered

  • Learn how to block unique shapes with the foundation material buckram
  • How to complete and cover the foundation using a variety of covering methods : flat covering, draping,& pleating.
  • Design & create a wire-framed crown and incorporate GUIPURE LACE to make a bridal head dress
  • Learn about Crinoline and Veiling - how to use and apply properly.
  • Learn how to see which hats suit which type of people
  • How to trim, and line with a couture lining
  • Discover FRENCH FLOWER MAKING (silk flowers using specialist tools)
  • You will learn a selection of ways to attach hats/headpieces to the head ( very important!) headbands/elastic/combs, prong


  • 24 Hours of tuition and small class
  • Foundation materials for 3 hats
  • Customised notes
  • Post workshop access to tutor classes
  • Lunch / refreshments