IMMI 2020 | Millinery Masterclass with Jane Stoddart

By Lina Stein Millinery



The IMMI season of 2020 kicks off this April with a European exclusive masterclass featuring Jane Stoddart - Milliner supreme from Sydney, Australia.

Jane Stoddart will take you 'Back to The Future' with these 2 great classes in her ONLY Masterclass stop in Europe.

This spring masterclass is structured as an Intensive Millinery Workshop running over 2 days linking 2 tutorials together and is suitable for participants of all levels .
It is designed in a creative way to enable the participants to immerse themselves into the specialist techniques developed by Jane herself.
Under her expert guidance students will design and create trendsetting hats and fascinators.


In this 1 ½ day class we will make a beautiful 60’s inspired bonnet style hat with self bow using fine parisisal straw and a touch of silk abaca. You will learn valuable 3D pattern making techniques as we design the lines of the crown piece with optional cut outs to create the open-crown look. The straw will be shaped with a cap net foundation to add body and strength without weighing down the piece. We will explore several different bow design options using the 3-D pattern concept incorporating straw and silk abaca, and finish the piece with a lush and stylish self bow resulting in Vintage heaven! These styles have been all the rage in Australia this spring!

- INTRODUCTION TO RACCELLO BRAID - Soft Sculpture & Trendy Headpieces
Glossy RACELLO straw braid is a classic Swiss millinery material which is available in a wide range of vibrant colours. In this mini course Jane will show you a variety of specialised techniques that are necessary when working with this vintage style braid. You will explore a ‘soft sculptures’ technique in this MINI-class and use it to produce a very on trend fashion headpiece! We will use lengths of braid and bands to create small, yet dramatic bow concepts, both stripy or solid in colour


  • You will learn principles of 3D pattern making for millinery
  • to block and use cap net as a lining/foundation
  • to prepare, handle and block parisisal straw
  • to wire and finish edges, including a ribbon/braid facing
  • learn different techniques for constructing bows using parisisal straw including facing with other materials such as silk abaca
  • learn to attach bow to hat - learn to finish with added hair combs
  • learn to stiffen and finish straw with gloss spray
  • learn about history and properties of Swiss straw braids
  • learn to measure and pattern make soft sculpture designs
  • learn how to join lengths of braid together using a hidden stitch
  • learn to form soft sculptures such as bows and turban wraps on a poupee
  • learn to cover a small base and hairband
  • learn to stitch your shape and attach to the head band
  • 16 Hours tuition
  • Notes
  • Certificate
  • Refreshments
Both workshops are suitable for participants of all millinery levels

Materials are NOT included in fee. Estimated cost €50-70 
Suppliers for both classes are available on request