MILLINERY CRINOLATION - Creative Texture and Colour to your Crinoline Brim

By Lina Stein Millinery


Lina Stein will share with you her internationally acclaimed technique using the popular millinery material CRINOLINE and fashioning it into and eye-catching brim that will be unique to you.This is a great follow-on from MILLINERY ORIGAMI!
Add texture and personality to your hats and design a unique crinoline hat that is structured in shape and animated in design.
Suitable for intermediate / advanced

Topics Covered

  • Lina shares her signature technique that will transform a crinoline brim with added texture and colour
  • Learn how to make a pattern/take measurements for your desired brim to help stabilise the crinoline
  • How to master Crinoline- animation including invisible Crinoline seams and brim-edge bindings
  • How to attach the CRINOLATION brim to an existing crown/button shape and trim
  • You will learn to make ‘wire-prong head attachments’ to securely fix on head and create a Lina Stein vintage style lining


  • 8 Hours of tuition small classes
  • Most material provided. Contact Lina below for more details
  • Customised notes
  • Post workshop access to tutor