Online & Live | The Sinamay Side Sweep - Improvised Saucers for interm/adv

By Lina Stein Millinery


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The 'Side-Sweep' is a saucer hat shape of elegance that frames the face with finesse and dramatic line.
Using an UPTURNED BRIM or SAUCER BLOCK or even improvise with a selection of different shapes you have, some quality sinamay along with the Lina Stein technique of transformation, you will create a beautifully finished SAUCER HAT that will turn many a head! 
Lina Stein will guide you every step of the way and share all there is to know about the designing, blocking as well as finishing your hat to a professional standard
Most importantly, you will learn creative ways to adapt the use of your up-turned brim block giving you stylish Saucer hats.
This is a perfect follow on from the SINAMATION and SWIRLED SINAMAY workshops.

What's included?

  • The workshop takes place over 3 x 3 hour sessions 
  • Class participation will be limited to max 8 people to ensure personal attention
  • Plenty of question time, online interaction and personal assistance built into the Zoom sessions
  • Workshop notes
  • Certificate of Excellence

Learning outcomes

  • Detailed step by step tutorial under the guidance of Lina Stein to assembling an improvised block, preparation and use of stunning Sinamay plus head fitting techniques.
  • Learn about ideal colour combinations ,what works and what doesn't
  • Learn how to block a saucer shape on an Up-Turned Brim Block
  • Learn how to smoothly block your sinamation on a crown and brim block
  • Learn the 'polishing method' ,perfect the finish as well as brim-edge hem
  • Learn the 'hidden stitch technique' to join your crown to dish and assemble your Side-sweep Saucer hat
  • Learn professional sinamay trimming concept and how to attach them invisibly

Course Structure

On securing your place, you will receive an email which includes confirmation, your Zoom invitation, instructions how to use Zoom, lists of materials, preparation and equipment necessary for the workshop.

There will be 1 workshop sessions per day. Please select your DATE and your TIMEZONE from the drop down menu below.
Please check your timezone and date on World Time Buddy 

European/African Dates & Time
Mon-Wed 17-19 Oct 2022; BST; 20.00 - 22.30

USA/CA Dates & Time
Mon-Wed 17-19 Oct 2022; CST 14.00 - 16.30 (Time BST; 20.00 - 22.30)

AUS/NZ Dates & Time
Mon-Wed 17-19 Oct 2022 EST; 06.00 - 08.30 (time in BST - 20.00 -22.30