Online & Live | Advanced Blocked & Sculpted Crinolation

By Lina Stein Millinery


As featured on Hat Academy and taught at international millinery events such as MMU-USA 2016, Artipistilos- Spain 2015 and Masterclasses in Australia.
Suitable for more advanced 

Fashion the popular millinery component of crinoline with renewed excitement and creativity and take your hat making skills to a new level.

Your crinoline brim or sculpted headpiece will no longer be dull, limp and old fashioned... it will shimmer and shine, with endless depth. It will have the appearance of the night sky as you fly through it with sparkling stars and secret treasures. In addition to being beautiful, your brim will also have an extra rigidity that will make your work to follow much easier.
Your eye-catching brims will display an animation of colour and texture designed uniquely by you under the instruction of Lina Stein.

What's included?

  • The workshops will be split over 2 days : like this we will be able to let our hats dry/settle and you will be able to complete your homework !

    Day one - 3 hours
    Day two - 3 hours

  • Class participation will be limited to max 10 people to ensure personal attention
  • Plenty of question time, online interaction and personal assistance built into the Zoom sessions
  • Workshop notes
  • Certificate of Excellence

Learning outcomes

  • Lina shares her signature technique that will transform a crinoline brim with added texture and colour
  • Learn how to make a pattern/take measurements for your desired brim to help stabilise the crinoline and begin the Crinolation process.
  • How to master Crinolation including invisible Crinoline seams and brim-edge bindings
  • How to block your 'crinolation disk' into a eye-catching creationon a suitable block
  • How to attach the crinoline brim to an existing crown/button shape and trim
  • You will learn to make ‘wire-prong head attachments’ to securely fix on head and create a Lina Stein vintage style lining

Course Structure

On securing your place, you will receive an email which includes confirmation, your Zoom invitation, instructions how to use Zoom, lists of materials, preparations and equipment necessary for the workshop.

There will be 2 workshop sessions per day. Please select your DATE and your TIMEZONE from the drop down menu below.

Please take note when selecting your timezone that it is appropriate to your location.
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Australian Time
Aus. EST; 20.00 - 23.00 (BST; 11.00 - 13.00)

Europe/Africa/USA Time
Central Time (US and Canada); 09.00 - 12.00 
BST/ London Time: 15.00 - 18.00