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Lina Stein Millinery

Lina Stein is an Australian born Milliner & Hatter who lives and works in Westport, Ireland. She specialises in quality hand-made head-wear for 
HIM & HER and gives Millinery Workshops.

Born in Sydney, Australia, a  girl of the 60's, the daughter of a photographer and psychologist, Lina was blessed with the life of colour and spice. When she was a little girl her family packed their bags and travelled through the Orient and Asia to Europe. Whilst on this adventure with a rucksack on her back Lina breathed in all  the new influences, sights, smells, textures and magic of this new and exotic world. They embedded themselves into her soul and became the basis of her creative life called Millinery.
She lived in Germany and Australia - where she completed her millinery training  and now resides in the beautiful town of Westport, Ireland with her two daughters and kitty-cat Whoopy.
For close to three decades her life has been made of hats, ribbons, straws and felts. 
Her presence signals a dynamic that is diverse and exposes her clients to new and joyous experiences. She is recognised as a leading light in the international world of Millinery

Living on the western periphery of Europe is a major source of inspiration. The people, the ever-changing skies and scenery give her the cause to develop new and creative methods of working with traditional and modern hat making materials.She believes creativity is the ultimate fusion of contradictions.

Lina's background in "Classic Theatrical Millinery" has provided her with the unique expertise to unite traditional hat-making know-how with modern design, creating hats of great sophistication and clean lines.
In 2007,she decided that the time was right to open the door on the world of hat-making and share her knowledge about the traditional art of Millinery with hat-enthusiasts from the world over.
Through the Master classes that take place in her bijou studio, Lina has inspired countless novice Milliners from both Ireland and abroad to take up the needle & thread and to try their hand at something new, exciting and inspirational whilst enjoying every moment. 
Her Masterclasses in Ireland and abroad encourage the participants to open their minds, collaborate, connect, and make unique hats. She give her students the confidence to set up  enterprises, participate in International Millinery Competitions or simply enjoy the beauty of their creations. 

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Mon to Sat - 11am - 5pm