Beret Swirls - Magenta

By Lina Stein Millinery


Mrs Stein's Swirled felt beret is petite and delicious reflecting the flair of the 1950's. 
Perfect for a casual outing or for a more formal occasion. This swirled hat mirrors elegance, style and naturally enhances the wearer's personality!
Our hand-swirled head-piece has been meticulously sculpted, finished & lined to the highest standard in millinery. She is as unique as her owner.
She can be worn centered over the forehead or tilted to the sides of the head.

Material: Fur felt
Colour: Magenta
Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm
Fits with hat elastic 
Can be adjusted to fit any head-size

100% Hand-made in Ireland. 
Click on link for bespoke order or special requests.