Online & Live | Swirled Sinamay-for all levels

By Lina Stein Millinery


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As seen on the recent 'Lina Stein Online & Live' taster sessions and at the London Hatweek 2019

Follow Lina Stein's popular and resourceful techniques you will learn everything about Swirling Sinamay. Get creative and learn all about head-wear of beautiful organic lines, free-form curved shapes whilst at the same time keep a fashionable and sharp angle!
This is a perfect technique for beginners to get acquainted with this great material as well as those advanced milliners who’d like to breathe some inspiring fresh air into their sinamay creations.
Lina Stein will demonstrate the unique yet simple process involved in achieving this “bias-perfection.” This will be used in making your hat as well as creating trimmings for future headwear.
Attendees will create a hat of pure femininity.
This class is ideal for all skill levels, including millinery beginners.

What's included?

  • The workshops will be split over 2 days : like this we will be able to let our hats dry/settle and you will be able to complete your homework !
    Day one - 2.5 hours
    Day two - 2.5 hours
  • Class participation will be limited to max 10 people to ensure personal attention
  • Plenty of question time, online interaction and personal assistance built into the Zoom sessions
  • Workshop notes
  • Certificate of Excellence

Learning outcomes

  • Making a simple sturdy sinamay base without a block
  • The principle of working materials on the bias (measuring and cutting) and the importance of weave and direction!
  • Attendees will learn how to work with bias sinamay and make a foundation-disk that has infinite possibilities once hand formed.
  • Students then learn about creating a 3-dimensional shape by curving and moulding of this material using the iron as the only tool
  • They also learn to make “windswept” trimmings, spikes and twiddles to embellish their hat with
  • Lina will guide student through the finishing and assembly of this headpiece, including attachment of hat elastic and trimmings such as Crinoline, beads, feathers, or just keeping things simple!
  • All pieces are finished with elastic, band or comb then lined to a professional standard 

    Course Structure

    On securing your place, you will receive an email which includes confirmation, your Zoom invitation, instructions how to use Zoom, lists of materials and equipment necessary for the workshop.

    There will be 3 workshop sessions per day. Please select your DATE and your TIMEZONE from the drop down menu below.


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