Stratolina Mink Fedora

By Lina Stein Millinery


Revered for her commitment to producing unique and undeniably Irish hats for him & her, Lina Stein Hats offers statement headwear finished to the highest standards.

The Stratolina Fedora is a dashing stand-out hat that breaks all conventions, inspired by the tall crowns and wild times of the 1930's.
Made using high quality velour felt and shaped with a unique urban slant that is perfect for him & her. Strato showcases a tall crown, the distinctive tear-drop indentation shaped by hand, alongside a flat pencil curled brim-edge for a dashing, sharp look.

The interior includes a Grosgrain sweatband and a silk hat lining.
Stratolina sits best tall centered on the head.
Trimming sits on the left.

100% hand-made and finished in Ireland

Material: 100% Velour rabbit felt
Details: Size:58cm
             Crown height front/back:15cm/9cm
             Brim width:7cm
             Colour: Mink/Chocolate/Anthracite

Available for custom order in Velour and Suede felts. Contact Lina for details
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