Online & Live | Open Crown Felt Fedora - Inter/Adv. level

By Lina Stein Millinery


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Fashionable and Hot - Winter and Summer!
Lina Stein has developed a technique of HATTING & MILLINERY that fuses the male and female worlds under one hat!
Don’t hesitate.... come and see which way yours will go!!

Using just one basic crown block, a flat wooden surface along with plenty of steam, and lots of elbow grease you will learn to transform your beautiful millinery felt into a style of hat that has a voice and a charm capable to captivate the world all around!!
The look will be cool as a Trilby or suave as a Fedora. In addition to the hat's intellectual and sophisticated looks, she can also be tough as an Akubra and tango like a Goucho..!
This package incorporates a free vintage hat lining session as well!

What's included?

  • Workshop notes
  • The workshops will be split over 3 days : like this we will be able to let our hats dry/settle and you will be able to complete your homework !
    Day one - 2.5 hours
    Day two - 2.5 hours
    Day three - 2.5 hours
  • Class participation will be limited to max 8 people to ensure personal attention
  • Plenty of question time, online interaction and personal assistance built into the Zoom sessions

Learning outcomes

  • Students will be introduced to the OPEN CROWN HAT CONCEPT (or “Mother-Hat”) and learn about the beauty of millinery felt
  • Lina will explain and demonstrate the vast possibilities that can come from one basic shape.
  • You will learn how to prepare, stiffen and block your crown and brim by hand using Lina's methods.
  • Learn a selection of techniques using steam to shape the brim without a block
  • Learn how to give your fedora or trilby crown it's unique 'indentation, pinch or groove' by hand
  • Lina will share a few different ways to create bows and trimmings that are suitable for men's and ladies hats
  • Learn professional felt-polishing techniques
  • Make vintage drawstring linings

    Course Structure

    On securing your place, you will receive an email which includes confirmation, your Zoom invitation, instructions how to use Zoom, list of materials and equipment necessary for the workshop plus workshop prep instruction.

    There will be 1 workshop session per day.
    Please note: AUS/NZ Fedora class are held on different dates - See below!

    To book, Select your DATE and your TIMEZONE from the drop down menu below.
    Please check your time and dates on Worldtime Buddy

    European/African Time

    Wed-Fri 08-10 Dec 2021; BST; 15.00 - 17.30

    USA Time
    Wed-Fri 08-10 Dec 2021; Central Time (US and Canada); 09.00 - 11.30 (time in BST; 15.00 -17.30) 

    Australian Time
    Tues-Thur 04-06 Jan 2022; 19.00 - 21.30 (time in BST; 08.00-10.30)