Westport Fedora

By Lina Stein


Challenge the 'Winds of the West' in this beautiful Fedora hat.
Inspired by living on the edge of the Atlantic in the stunning sea-side town of Westport, Lina channels all the influences into a classic silhouette for topping off both smart and casual ensembles with gentlemanly flair
This sturdy hat with a flat-brimmed pencil-curled edge bound in Grosgrain and trimmed with frayed petersham sits flat on the wearer's or tilted to the side.

100% hand-made and finished in Ireland
Material: 100% Velour rabbit felt
Details: Crown height front/back-13cm'8cm, Brim width-9cm
Colour- Anthracite/Dark grey
Bow sits on the left side

Available for custom order in Velour and Suede felts. Contact Lina for details